Venuzuelan Officers with Rick and Rich at Jacmel airport

Venuzuelan Officers with Tigre and Rich at Jacmel airport

USA Today covered furloughed professionals in a variety of occupations and what they’re spending their free time on.

Rich Pickett, chief information officer at San Diego State University, is a pilot who used furlough and vacation days to fly earthquake relief supplies to Haiti. He plans to use two March furlough days the same way. The trips kept him so busy he didn’t fret about furloughs, he says: “It was the best vacation ever.”

x-ray film, corn meal, sardines, med supplies, tp, pasta, salami haiti relief photo

Selection of relief supplies flown in

I’m in talks with a reporter about covering our next relief flights in mid March. We look forward to sharing our stories with you when that time comes!

kids at lifeline haiti orphanage

Happy Haitian kids at Lifeline Orphanage