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Thanks for your interest in Rich's Aircraft Brokerage services!

Rich has over 40 years flying over 400 makes of aircraft. As an owner and co-owner of 15 aircraft ranging from a Grumman Cheetah through an Eclipse, Rich knows the right questions to ask, and costly gotchas so that you can purchase a plane that suits your mission without bringing lemons along for the ride.

Order a one-hour consultation with Rich below and he'll be happy to help answer your questions. If you wish to continue working with him to broker your aircraft, a credit will be applied to his brokerage fees for the consult.


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Rich’s giving heart knows no bounds.

Rich has been a volunteer for Angel Flight West since 2013 and has flown over 26 missions, as well as many more for other charitable flying organizations across the country.

He has been more than “just” a volunteer—a mentor of peers, an ambassador on behalf of volunteer pilot organizations, a generous and consistent donor, and a willing volunteer whenever help was needed.

His joy for flying is contagious, and as an instructor he has supported me in learning how to set attainable goals I could achieve, while looking at each challenge through the lens of adventure. All the while guiding me to become a safe pilot!

I’m honored to call Rich my mentor and more importantly my friend. And his dance moves are unstoppable!

Mary Hunter

Director of Development, Angel Flight West

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