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aircraft brokerage citation mustang
flying to mexico beechcraft premier 1a

March 2022 - Flying to Mexico - Twin & Turbine

Come fly with us to México and see how fun and enjoyable it can be!

tecnam p2012 review

January 2022 - Tecnam P2012 - Twin & Turbine

Rich gets to test fly the powerful and elegant Italian Tecnam P2012.

cirrus vision jet g2 review

August 2021 - Vision Jet G2+ - Twin & Turbine

Cirrus gains some altitude with the newest update to the venerable Vision Jet G2+.

cessna citation cj4 gen2 cockpit

July 2021 - CJ4 Gen2 - Twin & Turbine

What's new in Cessna's Citation CJ4 Gen2 update.

owning an eclipse jet review

March 2021 - Eclipse Jet the Ins and Outs of Ownership - Twin & Turbine

What it's like owning and operating the world's first very light jet, the Eclipse Jet.

best tugs gpu on cirrus sr-22 and eclipse jet

March 2021 - Best Tugs GPU - Twin & Turbine

Best Tugs releases yet another simple and effective product for aviators: their portable GPU.

mygoflight ipad accessories

Feb 2021 - MyGoFlight - Twin & Turbine

Exploring the latest iPad and EFB accessories from MyGoFlight.

rich with pc-12 ngx flight review

November 2020 - Pilatus PC-12 NGX - Twin & Turbine

Take a ride in the newest update to the Pilatus PC-12 in this NGX version.

citation m2 garmin g3000 avionics cockpit

October 2020 - Citation M2 - Twin & Turbine

Cessna Citation M2 debuts with Garmin G3000 avionics and updated styling.

beechcraft premier 1a type rating flight simulator

September 2020 - Premier - Twin & Turbine

Training and getting a type rating in the Premier jet by Beechcraft.

close call with covid as a pilot

July 2020 - Surviving COVID - Twin & Turbine

Rich's close call with COVID-19 and recovery.

loft flight simulator review

May 2020 - Loft Aero Training - Twin & Turbine

Carlsbad California's LOFT Aero Training center is certifying the next generation of Citation jet pilots.

pilatus pc-24 rear cargo door

March 2020 - PC-24 - Twin & Turbine

Pilatus' first jet gets a thorough cross country workout.

garmin gtn xi review

March 2020 - Garmin GTNxi: - Twin & Turbine

The latest avionics upgrades and navigation options from Garmin.

garmin safe return cirrus vision jet button

December 2019 - Cirrus Safe Return – Twin & Turbine

Peace of mind at the push of a button with Garmin & Cirrus's Safe Return feature in the Vision Jet.

epic e1000 certification

December 2019 - Epic 1000 - En Route Section - Twin & Turbine

Rich tests and reports on the updated BOSE ProFlight Series 2 headsets.

pilatus pc-12 ngx review

December 2019 – Pilatus Unveils PC-12 NGX - Twin & Turbine

Pilatus reveals the latest NGX updates to its legendary PC-12 aircraft.

aftermath of hurricane dorian

Nov 2019 - Supporting Bahamas Hurricane Dorian Relief - Twin & Turbine

Rich's travelogue of his relief flights to the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian's destruction.

measuring a tower near an airport approach

Oct 2019 - Designing Instrument Approaches – Twin & Turbine

How instrument approaches are designed.


Cessna Denali & Sky Courier - Sept. 19 Twin & Turbine 

Updates on the Cessna Denali and Sky Courier.

bose proflight series 2 headset

Sept. 2019 - Twin and Turbine

Rich tests and reports on the updated BOSE ProFlight Series 2 headsets.

MMOPA Jet Shades Review July 2019

July 2019 - JetShades Review - Malibu Mirage Owners Magazine

Continuing on reviewing Jet Shades - now with premium shades for the Piper Malibu, Mirage, and Meridian.

flying by private plane to europe in a piper meridian

May 2019 - Jet Shades Review - COPA Magazine 

The Cirrus with the panoramic view need shade and Jet Shades do the job.

Twin and Turbine King Ranch Edition King Air

May 2019 - King Air 350i King Ranch Edition Review - Twin and Turbine

Rich flies the King Ranch edition of the King Air 350i.  A unique interior and style, on a versatile airplane.

flying by private plane to europe in a piper meridian

iApril 2019 - Vision Jet G2 Upgrade - Twin and Turbine Magazine

Cirrus Aircraft upgraded their Vison Jet to the G2. Rich flies it around the southeast in this review.

flying by private plane to europe in a piper meridian

March 2019 - JetShades Review - Twin and Turbine 

The view from our cockpit is great, but sometimes can be very hot!  Rich reviews Jet Shades products that keep us cool.

CJ3 Fusion Review Twin and Turbine March 2018

February 2019 - Best Tugs - Twin and Turbine

Best Tugs, located in Spanish Forks UT, manufactures a line of unique aircraft tugs.  Rich reviews the company, and their products.

flying by private plane to europe in a piper meridian

January 2019 - GoGo Avance L3 & L5 - Twin and Turbine Magazine

Inflight connectivity is essential for some operators.  This review details the latest Gogo Avance L3 and L5 connectivity options.

flying by private plane to europe in a piper meridian

January 2019 - HondaJet Elite - Twin and Turbine 

HondaJet updated their popular jet to the HondaJet Elite - offering more features.  Fly along with Rich as he reviews this innovative aircraft.

CJ3 Fusion Review Twin and Turbine March 2018

September 2018 - Proflight Headset Review - Twin and Turbine

Rich reviews the new Bose Proflight lightweight headset. Using the headset in various environments will give you an idea on this innovative product.

flying by private plane to europe in a piper meridian

June 2018 - Tamarack Winglets for CJ3 - Twin and Turbine Magazine

Tamarack Aerospace developed active winglets for a variety of Aircraft.  In this article, Rich test flies two Cessna Citation CJ3s equipped with this new product.

flying by private plane to europe in a piper meridian

March  2018 - Piper Meridian Oceanic Flight - Malibu and Mirage Owners and Pilot Association (MMOPA) Magazine

From Sea to Shining Sea.  A travelogue on flying a Piper Meridian from San Diego California to Barcelona Spain, and a few places in between.

CJ3 Fusion Review Twin and Turbine March 2018

March 2018 - CJ3 Pro Line Fusion - Twin and Turbine Magazine

Rich has trained over 20 pilots on the operation of Rockwell Collins' Pro Line Fusion avionics in Cessna Citation CJ3.  Read as Rich takes you on a tour of these advanced avionics.