Flight Training

High performance aircraft require more in-depth training than traditional piston-engine aircraft. Pilots require current, technology appropriate flight training to ensure a safe flying experience.

Our instruction is tailored to your skill level and flying needs. Below are some of the instruction areas we cover:

We look forward to discussing with you how to best tailor your personal flight training and instruction, and to ensure many fun, and safe, years of flying.

What’s the difference between ‘aircraft training’ and ‘flight training’?

At Personal Wings, aircraft training focuses on a specific type of aircraft. While you may be able to jump from a Cessna 182 to a Beech Bonanza without much trouble, today’s advanced aircraft are high-performance works of engineering art. With more complex systems, safety features, and FAA-required testing, aircraft training is essential to safe flying.

Flight training at Personal Wings focuses on various aviation skills like Advanced Weather & Situational Awareness. We offer a variety of flight training instruction packages developed to improve your piloting skills and give you the tools to handle stressful flying situations.

Whether you are training in avionics or learning to fly a PC-12, Personal Wings will ensure that you leave satisfied and better pilot than you arrived.

Safe flying and hope to fly right seat with you soon!