Piper Aztec to Utah – Crystal Ranch Lodge

If you have ever wanted to experience your own ranch, without the work, the Crystal Ranch Lodge withint the Angela National Forest in Utah is an adventure.  We had an opportunity to have the ranch to ourselves, just the six of us.  The ranch is 500 acres surrounded by national forest and many miles from the nearest settlement, Mountain Home with its single small store and great people.

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Beach to Slopes – San Diego (MYF) to Telluride (TEX) in SR22 N412DJ

Flying our Cirrus SR22,  N412DJ, is always an adventure.  Jane, Rick, and I decided to explore Telluride for  skiing with friends.  Traveling to Telluride is time-consuming  by car (8 hours from Denver), however the capability to fly into the airport, just a few miles from the slopes, is awesome.  The Telluride airport, KTEX, is at 9070′  MSL and is the highest commercial airport in North America.  Only Leadville, CO   KLVK airport is higher at 9934′ MSL (the subject of another story).

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