Advanced Avionics Training

Avionics training & familiarization with your navigation and flight equipment is essential, whether with traditional instrumentation or a glass cockpit.

Learn avionics training from an instructor that stays on the cutting edge

Rich Pickett’s 30+ years of flying experience makes him an apt instructor for all types of flight instrumentation. Rich is also a passionate tech-geek and loves learning and adapting his flight work flow to new tools.

Let Rich teach you how to use your Garmin G1000 or to find out which Bose headsets are the best for their price (and where to find the best deals!).

And while the latest gizmos and gadgets are amazing, Rich also teaches you how to properly and safely manage these new devices for a safe flying experience. Also, learn how to react once these glass cockpits or iPads fail so that you can touchdown smoothly.

You don’t fly a ‘generic’ airplane so why should you train that way?

Each training session is focused on the instrumentation in YOUR aircraft and what you’ll be using in flight.

We also have expertise in the latest EFB platforms.

Contact us today to start learning advanced avionics training to fly safer, smarter and smoother.