Piper Meridian Training and Piper Jetprop Training

The Piper Malibu is a great airframe for the integration of a turboprop engine. Rocket Engineering was an early pioneer and saw the potential of converting the piston-powered Malibu into their turboprop version – the JetPROP. Rocket Engineering continues to offer excellent value, and performance, with their Piper Malibu and Malibu Mirage conversions. Piper Aircraft themselves saw the potential and created the Malibu Meridian. Piper modified the Malibu Mirage airframe to accommodate the P&W turboprop engine, and incorporated major changes to the avionics when they developed the Piper Meridian.

Piper Meridian Training

While the Piper Meridian shares virtually the same airframe as the Mirage, there are substantial differences in operating the aircraft. These airplanes fly higher, and faster, than their predecessors offering the owner/pilots enhanced flying opportunities. The Meridian utilizes a number of the same systems as in the Mirage, which offers the potential Meridian pilot an easier upgrade path.

Piper has integrated a number of avionics options in the various Meridian model years, including Meggitt, Avidyne Entegra, and Garmin G1000. Piper was the pioneer in introducing the full suite of advanced avionics into single engine turboprop airplanes.

Master your aircraft with Piper Meridian training by Personal Wings.

Piper Jetprop Training

Rocket Engineering has developed a great turboprop with the Piper Meridian JetPROP conversion, which is a blast to fly. The JetPROP DL & DLX is:

The JetPROP is a Malibu/Mirage with a Pratt & Whitney PT6A turbine engine and a Hartzell 4-blade reversible propeller. The conversion consists of a new dual battery system, including rack and structure support beneath the forward cabin seats, installation of dual lighted and heated wingtip pitot tube, installation of new engine instruments and the controls necessary for the conversion, the installation of a new header tank sealed in the right 1/3 forward baggage area (while still leaving room for Golf clubs!) with complete pump and support system, and the replacement of everything forward of the firewall with new or reinstall equipment for the installation of the new turbine engine and reversing 4-blade propeller. The conversion can be made to either the Malibu or the Mirage, and upon completion, the planes are virtually identical, except for the interior fittings. JetPROP Website

A powerful and capable aircraft that you’ll enjoy flying

For the utility, comfort, and economics, Piper Meridians are wonderful planes to fly. In addition to Piper Meridian training, Rich has also used Piper Meridians for Haiti flight relief efforts. Using the Meridian, Rich and his son were able to deliver half-ton payloads of much needed medical supplies to Jacmel and Les Cayes after the earthquake.

If you’d like to do any type of humanitarian relief efforts and receive flight training in your high-performance aircraft, don’t hesitate to contact Rich to build a fun, rewarding, and unforgettable experience.

Rick unloading relief supplies at Jacmel Airport, Haiti Piper Meridian photo

Rick unloading relief supplies at Jacmel Airport, Haiti

Piper Meridian delivering supplies in Jacmel, Haiti photo

Rich delivering supplies in Jacmel, Haiti