Pilatus PC-12 Initial and Recurrent Training

Train with Personal Wings

We not only train how to fly the PC-12, we also fly them.

The Pilatus PC-12 offers the pilot/operator tremendous flexibility in transportation. With a useful load in excess of 4,000 pounds, along with a comfortable cabin and well-equipped cockpit, the PC-12 is a unique aircraft. The PC-12 has a wide envelope of operation, enabling the pilot to land on rough landing sites, load a complement of passengers fuel and baggage, then climb to 30,000 feet and cruise up to 280 KTAS.

Professional PC-12 initial and recurrent training is available through Personal Wings. The training syllabus is customized to meet the needs, and skills, of the client. The syllabus follows the FAA FITS standards, offering realistic scenarios as well as thorough systems and flight training. Experience flying the PC-12 under a variety of conditions, and airports, has provided us with a great practical understanding of the capabilities of this aircraft.

Rich flew a PC-12 in support of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Volunteering to carry relief workers and supplies down to the island and bringing severely injured children and their parents to the US for medical treatment. The PC-12 was an ideal aircraft for this mission.

haiti relief flight daphka co-pilot pilatus pc-12

Captain Rich and Co-Pilot Daphka Florida bound for medical attention

haiti relief supplies jacmel pilatus pc-12

Unloading relief supplies in Jacmel, Haiti

pilatus pc-12 engine factory

Pilatus PC-12 being built in Switzerland