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High-performance flight training in Meridian, Mirage and Malibu aircraft
Flight training in all Piper PA-46s - Malibu, Meridian, Mirage & Jetprops
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Instrument flight mastery is critical to safe and enjoyable flying
Advanced weather and situational awareness flight training
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New or old to flying, stay current and safe with our flight training
Get current in advanced aircraft with modern and safe flight training
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Flight training in Pilatus, Meridian, Malibu, Mirage, Citation and other aircraft
Aviation training for high-performance aircraft

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ICON A5 Light Sport Amphibian Review – Quite a machine On an earlier blog I wrote about obtaining my Commercial Seaplane Rating in Alaska, you may have read how much fun it is to fly a floatplane (seaplane rating per the FAA). I had a blast flying the Pacer and Super Cub on floats – Read the full article…

Flight Training Available in High Performance, Turboprop and Light Jet Aircraft

Professional flight training is essential for the safe operation of today’s high performance aircraft. With over 30-years experience as a flight instructor, Rich Pickett will train you using the latest technology and training methods available. His aim is to deliver personal, professional, and up-to-date flight training to ensure that you are a safe and comfortable piloting your high-performance aircraft.

Rich is certified, and insurance approved, to instruct in a wide-variety of aircraft including: Cessna Mustang, CJ3, Pilatus PC-12, all Piper PA-46s ( Malibu, Mirage, and Meridian & Jetprop) and other high-performance aircraft.

Rich takes away the normal jitters of a test and his ground work before flight is a great refresher. I’ve been flying over 30 years and I continue to learn each year with Rich. I actually look forward to it. – John Obradovich, Malibu owner

Flight Training based out of San Diego, California

Our training location in San Diego offers excellent weather with a variety of flight training profiles available. In addition to our aircraft training and certification, we offer flight training focusing on advanced weather & situational awareness, instrument approaches, mountain flying, and other flight training.

Don’t live near San Diego or can’t make it? Flight training at your location is also available.