Cirrus SR22 Rental Details and Documents

Cirrus SR22 Rental – San Diego California

Safe Flying is our Mantra!

We strive to keep our 2005 Cirrus SR22 GTS rental, N412DJ, well equipped and in the best shape possible.

We also require that of our SR22 pilots. Safety is always first and we welcome any questions on the operation and maintenance of N412DJ.

Rich Pickett, Owner

CE-525S, CE-510S, EA-500S, CE-500, AV-L39, AV-L29, DA-10

Rental Pilot Qualifications

  • Unless pre-qualified to fly DJ, all pilots must complete a proficiency check ride and log-book examination prior to rental
  • Posses a current instrument rating
  • Have 350-hours total time
  • Pass the Cirrus Transition training course or posses a Cirrus Transition Certificate
  • Take an annual proficiency check ride with Rich or an authorized instructor in the SR22
  • Be a current member in Plus One Flyers
  • Fly enough to stay proficient, safe and IFR-current in the aircraft

Overnight Minimum Rental Charge

A member on a cross-country flight (beyond 50 nm) shall guarantee minimum flying time of one (1) hour per day. The half-day starts and ends at noon and requires one-half (1/2) hour minimum flying time for those periods.

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