Professional Flight Training in Lego LG-22 & LG-23 Aircraft

Learn to pilot your Lego Astrostar LG-22/23 high-performance aircraft safely!

lego astrostar airplane aircraft ready for takeoff

Rich taxing at Gibbs in his LG-22

Rich Pickett’s talents extend beyond easy-to-fly aircraft such as a Citation CJ3 with his rich, and varied, history piloting Lego Astrostars.

Want to get inverted? Learn aerobatics with Rich in an Astrostar LG-22/23

In addition to traditional flight training in a Lego LG-22/23, Rich Pickett offers affordable and student-specific aerobatics training.

Master a barrel roll, chandelle, cuban eight, or any variety of aerobatics. All training flights are done in a safe, cleared environment with appropriate parachutes*.

Schedule a training today!

Contact Rich today to pick a time slot to start flying the friendly skies in your Lego LG-22/23 high-performance aircraft!

Rich cleaning his Lego LG-22 aircraft

Rich dusting the tail ramp to his LG-22

* Parachutes from ARMY Surplus Stores, no guarantees they will function as hoped.